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We aim to reduce delayed diagnosis, raise awareness among the general public and healthcare entities; aid in liver related research and academic activity that might result in newer treatment options; support better organ donation and utilization; increase evidence based medical practice; and improve liver transplantation activity when indicated.

To achieve these goals, we have planned several campaigns.

Child Centered

Child centered health strategies in schools & colleges- “LiverChild” programme.

Hepatitis B eradication

Hepatitis B eradication – Universal 0-14yrs “Vaccinate 2 Eliminate” drive.

early detection camps

Biliary atresia, Viral& Cancer screening in high risk populations- “Detect to Protect” early detection camps.


Child centered health strategies in schools & colleges- “LiverChild” programme.

Clinical Research

Clinical research to derivepopulation statistics and demographics.


Public interest advertising &medical education “LiverAware” media campaigns.

Gap Funding

Assistance in Diagnosis / palliative care / treatment with “gap funding”

And much more

Child centered health strategies in schools & colleges- “LiverChild” programme.

Campaign Principles


Drive 1: Vaccination “Vaccinate 2 Eliminate”

3 shots makes 1 person(adult or child) immune for life
Need to ensure 100% of all under 12s get it.

Drive 2: Screening “Detect to Protect”

Clear at risk population
Early detection almost = cure/control
Highly efficient / Cost effective
Collateral benefit

Drive 3: Education “LiverAware”

Clear easy steps / Clear warning signs
Extreme ignorance esp. Rural.
Extreme importance
Can prevent in 30% disease burden with just this one ‘Drive’- Media/Medical education/Global reach

Drive 4: Effective Treatment Only “Good Advice Saves Lives”

Surgery / Transplantation
Disease control /Palliation
Chemo/ Medicines