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In India, liver cancer and disease affect over

600 Million Patients

Our mission is to enable prevention, improve survival and increase quality of life in patients with benign, chronic, malignant or acute liver disease in India.

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Why A Liver Foundation In India?

Three liver diseases alone (Fatty Liver Disease, Viral Hepatitis and Liver Malignancy) of a total of over 50 separate liver disease entities create over 600 million patients in India.

“This huge disease burden means that cumulatively ≈ 7% of the population,involving every socio-economic strata is affected directly by liver disease. Of these over 100 million are children.”

The 3-year mortality (Rate of death within 3 years) associated with these diseases range from 60-100%, let alone the morbidity (suffering from its complications). An overall number of 100,000 deaths approximately are attributed to liver disease in India. Unfortunately ALL of these diseases are highly prevalent in our country and their incidence is increasing.

On the other hand, the expertise required for the treatment of these complex diseases is very limited. In comparison to other organ diseases such as lung, coronary artery (heart), kidney disease, or diabetes, liver disease has the worst ‘disease burden to specialist care’ ratio by far. Furthermore there is a stigma (‘alcoholic’) attached to this group of diseases, which is unwarranted as only about 30 % of liver disease is attributable to this cause. Such statistics prompts the need for such a foundation to fight the cause of the liver patient.

The Liver Foundation India is supported by the South Asian Liver Institute – the only private institute in India dedicated to patients with chronic liver disease (Cirrhosis) and liver cancer.