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Liver disease in children

Passionate About Pediatric Liver Transplantation

We at The Liver Foundation have a keen interest in children with liver disease. Children with liver disease have a particularly poor outcome in our country for two reasons. One, the expertise required to treat such patients is limited and secondly many families are unable to afford expensive treatment for ‘non-bread winners’. In fact 70% of children who need liver transplantation have a disease called biliary atresia. This disease if detected early has a surgical treatment costing 1/100th of a liver transplant with a 60-70% chance of success. Once again a lack of awareness has led to this option being seldom used, which is where TLF hopes to make a difference.

Moreover children with end stage liver disease, without treatment have a very short and miserable life. We are passionate about pediatric liver transplantation as amazingly with transplantation, these children can go on to lead normal lives and become productive adults.